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  • Address: 458 Sandmere Place Oakville Ontario L6L 4G4
  • Phone: (905) 469-3028

Metanoia International Sales Inc. Is a wholly Canadian owned manufacturing company supplying engineering, new technology, training and consulting services for all facets of the water industry, the transportation and packaging of various food products, the manufacture of various sizes of bottles, virtually any size of steel building for industrial, commercial or agricultural requirements.

We provide equipment, engineering and training, to local business people who now have the opportunity of establishing various profitable commercial operations to supply products to their local area, their own country as well as providing additional export opportunities.

Local businesses being established could include:

-a complete water bottling operation -a water cooler assembly plant -production of clean drinking water from rivers (muddy and murky) and/or salt water -a mobile and stationary water treatment and distribution system to towns and villages -a low cost water purification plant for towns and cities that does not depend on the production of chlorine -a low cost packaging plant for various detergents and germicidal cleaners where we supply a very concentrated product for dilution (160:1) and packaging on site -a packaging plant for cooking oils -a low cost manufacturing plant to produce bottles for water, cooking oil, detergents etc. -supply and installation of any size of steel buildings

Our unique mobile emergency water treatment and bottling system combined with our waterbag bulk water transportation system can provide a rapid response to deliver water in bulk in an emergency situation, or for military use. Routine delivery of potable water to outlaying areas (town and villages) on scheduled basis. Tanker trucks not required. A brief product description is noted below. New and innovative products are continually being introduced through research and development.

Production of bottled water, juices, and water coolers is now possible at a cost substantially lower than previous imports, plus local labour is utilized. Production capacity can meet both domestic requirements as well as developing export opportunities.

A substantial export or import market of various products is now possible using the reusable waterbag shipping system. Standard 20 ft. And/or 40 ft. Shipping containers can now be used to ship virtually any liquid or powder without any “one way” or cleaning surcharge, or the expensive cost of shipping/returning empty containers. The Waterbag consists of two parts; an outer heavy duty liner that is re-usable, (life expectancy is a least 6 years under normal use) and an inner bag that is normally discarded after each shipment. As there is no cross contamination, fuel oil can be shipped in one direction and a food products can be shipped on the return trip. Of the outer shell is not re-used for another shipment of any type of product, it can be folded onto a skid for storage or returned at a fraction of normal shipping costs. Two way shipping results at minimum cost without expensive investment in takers or “fixed” volume containers.

Assembly, testing, engineering of new products, parts manufactured to our specifications by contractors (machine shops and stainless fabricators).

Products and systems available

The following are for drinking water:

-bottle washers -bottle fillers -bottle cappers -bottle cap tighteners -complete plant – for producing bottled water -complete plant – for assembly of water coolers -complete plant for producing bottles on site -complete plant for sanitizing water distribution systems for cities, towns and villages without producing chlorine and using salt as the base product -complete plant for packaging cooking oils, detergents and germicidal cleaners -mobile, completely self contained, water treatment / bottling system for emergency or military applications. Optional 20,000 litre mobile water storage system (WATERBAG TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM) -stationary, completely self contained, water treatment plant with optional bottling system and optional 20,000 litre water storage system (WATERBAG SYSTEM) -water – bottled and bulk -re-usable and collapsible shipping and/or storage containers for liquids/powders etc. 5300 U.S. gal -bottles: any size, including “hard” and collapsible / foldable bottles -cooking oils -concentrated detergents and germicidal cleaners -steel buildings virtually any size for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

We have now engineered buildings for high occupancy, residential housing that are quickly erected, and low cost.
All Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing

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