Small Business Advertising – Branding Using Synnd Content Syndication Network


Lets face the greatest thing about building a brand on the Interenet is that with a very small monetary investment you can build your local business brand in a relatively quick period of time.  Where in the past small local businesses could not compete in building a brand bigger then big corporations with deep pockets  today small local businesses can play with the big boys and get better results with very little investment capital.  You do this is by using social networks (Facebook, Linked, content voting sites (Digg, Mixx, Reddit), social bookmarking sites (StumbleUpon, Delicious) and microblogging sites (Twitter).

There are hundreds sites that you can post your content and build a brand virally in a matter of months.  However  it could take you hours to syndicate one piece your content to all of these social media sites if not a coupe of days and that does not even guarantee that anyone will see your content let alone that it will take off virally.  Also if you do not have strong network of collaborators on these networks to vote, bookmark and share your content, it may never get the exposure it deserves and needs to create that viral brand.  That is where content syndication networks come in handy.  My personal favorite, because I found its so powerful, is Synnd.

Synnd is a network, a community of people who post, vote and bookmark content for each other on a credit membership basis.  This is similar to the collaborative communities that form on social networks the difference is that this is a paid membership that automates the boring tasks allowing you more time to create content, market and serve your customers.  The members will vote, bookmark and share your content and if your content is good this will give it a chance and the necessary exposure to go viral.  If your content is exceptional, powerful and educational all you will need is just this small push to create a viral effect for your content and virally branding your business by giving it social proof.

Synnd is not a guarantee that your content will go viral or that you will build a strong business brand overnight.  However it help to give your business and local marketing a better chance.  It is dependant on how good your content and services or products are that will in the end be the deciding factor is you will achieve local business branding through the Synnd content syndication network.  It could the the missing power tool in your small business advertising arsenal.

June 25, 2014 |

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