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If you don’t know how to digest Google analytics, keyword research or other marketing data, don’t sweat it. We do that for you. We know how search engines work and we know how the people using them think. We’ve built our business around the science of connecting people and business, online. We love the creativity of the small and local business owner Canada yet we know creativity for the sake of creativity is not a science.

When you blend your local knowledge and creativity with our passion for facts, figures and technology you’ll see your marketing efforts pay off big time. Our scientific approach to raising your visibility and building your brand is the result of integrating every element of the sales funnel into one, streamline system. Search engine optimization is a moving target. The rules of the game change daily and we make it our business to stay immersed in the algorithms and marketing rhythms of online marketing.

Here are some of the specific services we offer for SEO/Content Visibility:

• Optimized Web Presence
• Synnd – Content Syndication System
• Meta Tags, Titles, Descriptions
• Inbound Links and References
• Silo Structuring
• Local Directory and Maps
• Press Release Distribution

You don’t have the time, resources, or technology to create, manage, and measure every little piece that goes into increasing your page ranking, improving your conversion rate or getting people to walk in your door. Our seamless marketing system finally gives you the leverage you need to compete on a local level with the national giants.

Synnd – Content Syndication
For several years, we have been building a scientific marketing platform that takes the concept of “outsourcing” to an extremely high level with a very low cost. This is what we call Synnd. Synnd works through a network of people and a technologically advanced and automated system that connects people and content to all areas of the Internet.

  • Expands Your Business, Affordably- Small Business Advertising works with Synnd to build a community of like-minded business professionals, like you, that want to expand their business without spending an arm and a leg. Synnd gives you the power of thousands of marketing tasks for pennies.
  • Builds a Learning Community –Small Business Advertising works through Synnd to build a community that works together to support each other, promote each other and educate each other.
  • Automates Your Marketing Tasks – Synnd’s proprietary software automates the promotional tasks, known as campaigns, for each member. This in essence gives every business owner the power of hundreds of additional members to vote for, comment on, bookmark, blog, repeat, re-tweet, and direct to – that member’s latest content. You can’t promote your own content like hundreds of other people can.
  • Multiplies Your Efforts by Hundreds – Members suddenly have the leverage of hundreds of people promoting their content across the social web, article directories, search engines, blogs, video sites, forums and more. These efforts run 24/7 in an ever-expanding list of social media networks.
  • Leverages Your Time – There is just no way for an individual to reach as many social networks in as fast a manner as the Synnd syndication system allows. Our system tracks every marketing function and records every member’s participation. Synnd gives you your time back. Time to do what you do best.

Power in Numbers – Action Through Automation

Imagine hundreds people promoting your content on the most popular Social Networks and submitting your content to the best Article Directories, as well as working to increase your rankings AND visibility in the search engines. That is what Synnd is all about… Power in Numbers and Action Through Automation

Synnd is a tool which automates the core elements of each member’s marketing efforts by coordinating their promotional tasks with hundreds of Synnd members who all laser focus their effort on the campaigns of other members. This laser focus is attained through automation. Automation removes human error, fatigue, boredom and follow-through issues.

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