How to Make a Website for Small Businesses in Toronto – Using Eye-Catching Graphics


Creating the right website for your local small business in Toronto is a crucial strategy for the online marketing of your small business. In today’s world most of your customers are internet savvy and most likely have a smart phone like a Blackberry or an iPhone, putting the internet in the palm their hands. Not having a website for your business today is like shooting your business in the foot.

It is also important to keep your customers on your website by making the website easy to navigate, as well as neat and attractive. Using eye-catching graphics on your website strategically placed that add to the esthetics of your site but does not distract your visitors from taking your desired action, either to buy your product, visit your store or to contact you.

Having cute Flash graphics may impress your website visitors. However, they may very well work against getting any conversion from your site…why?

Well you see some of that fancy, impressive flash may take time to load, depending on your customer’s internet speed and computer it may drastically slow down the loading time and result in your visitors clicking off your website out of frustration.

The purpose of graphics is to enhance user experience and at the same time give your visitors a little push to read your article or blog posts that will persuade them to take your desired action or buying your services or become your business lead.

Videos are a great way of adding graphics to a small business website. Videos can entertain your visitors, inform and enlighten them on your services, as well as mark you as an expert in your field.Also, videos can tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do, call, buy or become your business lead. A video about your small business, what services you offer in the greater Toronto areawill enhance your website, will brand you and your local business and at the same time will sell or create a lead for your business.

However, if you decide to use graphics in the form of picture, flash or videos be sure that it has a clear and defined purpose. Look honestly at your website graphics and be honest with yourself…

Are they eye-catching graphics?

Does it do a good job at branding you and your local small business?

Do the graphics take away from your desired action (i.e. Contacting you or making a sale)?

Are the graphics confusing? … A confused mind says No.

Eye-catching graphics are great. But remember when designing your local business website, simpler is better. You should have a clean, visually appealing website where your visitors can easily opt in to be your leads or contact you for more information. Always make it easy for your visitors to contact you, that is the main purpose of having a website and marketing your small business on the Internet.

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